Our Investment Philosophy

Success depends on the ability to ignore worries of the world, long enough to allow your stocks to compound”

Without a principled investment philosophy that guides their decisions and keeps them focused, investors are likely to succumb to the mentality of the herd which can take them over a cliff.

Jama Wealth uses a proprietary investment philosophy “Roots & Wings, powered by Machines” which selects a diversified portfolio and rebalances regularly to help you create long-term wealth.





  • Strong Balance sheets with low debt for longevity. 
  • High Return on Equity for shareholder alignment.
  • Promoters with significant shareholding.


  • Businesses with growing sales and earnings .
  • Cash flows that grow steadily.
  • Resilient: low drawdown and high recovery.


  • Powered by data science and AI/ML to design a robust portfolio.
  • Algorithms to rebalance portfolios and automated triggers to buy and sell.


No Custody

We don’t have custody of your holdings & money

0% brokerage

We do not receive any brokerage


We have conviction to get paid basis performance

No Lock In

We offer flexible plans with no lockins

Portfolio Highlights


Picks not confined to index stocks.


Less concentration reducing risk.


Not over-diversified for better growth.


Resilient with lower drawdown.


Dynamic allocation and rebalancing.


No emotional bias as system driven.

Investment Process


The selection of our investment portfolio is guided by the “Roots & Wings” investment philosophy and is “powered by Machines”. It is neither highly concentrated nor over diversified. We mitigate equity risk by suitable diversification across sectors and stocks. At the same time, we reduce excessive diversification by limiting the number of stocks to about twenty. We also test for low drawdown and faster recovery to make portfolios robust. .


Careful selection is followed up with rigorous monitoring and creative churn. Roots & Wings is rinse-repeated; assumptions made during the due diligence phase of SELECTION are validated. Securities that don’t make the cut are clinically removed without emotion. The allocation of each instrument is carefully re-calibrated dynamically using an algorithm, to keep portfolio growth steady.


Our clients have the choice of execution through their preferred broker. Our technology platform also helps facilitate this, with a seamless ‘click-click’ experience, by integrating with several leading brokers. Clients can invest in the selected portfolio as a lump sum, or systematic plan with a variety of options supported.


Clients can track their investments anytime and anywhere with our technology-enabled platform available on the desktop and mobile web browser, iOS and Android apps. Our help desk caters to any routine matters, and our Relationship Managers are available to advise and help clients with their personalised investment strategy and execution.