Jamā Wealth (Jamā = जमां  Accumulate in Indian languages) helps investors create and preserve wealth.

We are not just in the business of managing investments or assets — we are in the art of cultivating prosperity. Join us, and you won’t just be taking the next step in your career; you’ll be part of a transformative journey. Here, your expertise meets entrepreneurial spirit, where every challenge is an opportunity, and each day is about creating wealth & knowledge that endures.


Why Jamā Wealth is Unique


Seamless Tech enabled client experience across PMS, Stocks & Mutual Funds.

Data Science Led

Proprietary technology stack identifies best investments. Reduces emotional bias.


Rapidly scaled up assets under advisory since inception.

Diversified Services

Presence across Wealth Management, PMS (own product, SEBI Regd) and Investment Advisory (SEBI Regd).

Illustrious Founders

Hands on founders with IIM/IIT/CA background and decades of industry experience in leadership roles.

Financially Strong

Stable and diversified revenues streams from PMS, Advisory, Corporate Collaborations.


ROOTS & WINGS that has generated significant alpha over benchmarks.


Boot strapped

So freedom in decisions and adhering to a value system that places clients interests foremost.

Our Business Footprint

SEBI Registered PMS Portfolio Manager.

SEBI Registered Equity Investment Advisor .

Wealth Manager & Financial Planner.

Our Service Offerings


PMS and Equity Advisory in Large Midcap focused portfolio drawing about 15 to 20 stocks from among the top 350 companies by market cap. JEWEL is acronym for Jama Wealth Equity Portfolio - Large Midcap Focused.


PMS and Equity Advisory in Smallcap focused portfolio drawing about 15 to 20 stocks from among the next 650 out of top 1000 companies by market cap. SPARK is acronym for Smallcap Alogrithmic Research in Key Stocks.


PMS and Equity Advisory in Quality focused portfolio drawing about 10 to 20 stocks from among the top 500 companies by market cap. GEM is a acronym for Growth in quality Equities with active Momentum.

Wealth Management

Spanning Equities, Mutual Funds and Debt Instruments.

Corporate Financial Wellness

For leading MNCs.

Openings at Jama

As we continue to shape the future of wealth management, we’re looking for visionaries and trailblazers to join our ranks. At Jama Wealth, your career is more than a job—it’s a partnership in progress, a chance to influence an industry, and an opportunity to impact lives.

With us, you’ll navigate the exciting intersection of finance and technology, guided by a value system that prizes client success above all. If you’re ready to transcend the conventional and embrace the extraordinary, we welcome you to start a conversation with us.


Sales & Business Development, Wealth Management & Relationship Management

A career where your ambition meets opportunity in the realm of Sales & Business Development, Wealth Management, and Relationship Management. At Jama Wealth, you will not only be driving growth but also nurturing enduring relationships with clients, guiding them through their wealth creation journey. Your role is pivotal—balancing strategic business development with the art of client service, ensuring that each portfolio reflects our steadfast commitment to personalized wealth management.

We value professionals who can blend financial acumen with exceptional interpersonal skills to help our clients—and our company—reach unprecedented heights. We are looking to hire Entrepreneurial people into this client facing team. Those with knowledge in Investments/Wealth Management and seeking to make a huge impact by transforming this industry. We will also train new recruits thoroughly and transform them into industry experts.

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Operations and Client Support

Join our Operations and Client Support team, the backbone of Jama Wealth, where efficiency and client satisfaction are paramount. In this area, you will ensure the seamless execution of investment & financial plans and the highest standard of client service. Your attention to detail and problem-solving abilities will enhance our operational excellence, helping us deliver a client experience that’s as reliable as it is rewarding. We seek individuals with 1-2 years of operations knowledge (even freshers are welcome to apply).

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Technology and Platform Development

The cutting-edge world of Technology and Platform Development at Jama Wealth involves skills in Python, Django, React Native, and React Native Web. You will be the catalyst for innovation, driving our proprietary technology forward. You’ll collaborate with a team of experts to develop and refine the digital tools that make our investment strategies accessible and effective. We’re looking for tech-savvy software developers eager to deploy their coding expertise and problem-solving prowess to create a robust, user-centric platform that stands at the forefront of fintech innovation.

As of now we are looking young and energetic interns. For more info click here.

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How To Apply
If all of this excites you, email your detailed resume to with the subject line indicating the relevant opening mentioned above.