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For the global Indian, we offer a gateway to customised wealth creation in the Indian market. Our seasoned advisors, keen on maximising returns on India-focused investments, employ tax-efficient strategies, ensuring every rupee works harder for you, back home.


Why NRI Retirement Planning is Crucial

Future Security

Ensure financial stability for a comfortable retirement life in India or abroad

Tax Efficiency

Navigate through tax implications for NRIs to optimize retirement savings

Global Investment

Access to diverse global investment options for a balanced retirement portfolio

Currency Advantage

Leverage currency rate fluctuations to enhance retirement fund value

Estate Planning

Secure your legacy with structured estate planning and wealth transfer strategies

Regulatory Guidance

Stay updated with Indian and global regulatory changes affecting NRI investments

Services Offered

Retirement Readiness Assessments

Comprehensive evaluation of your current financial status to plan for a secure retirement. Understand the gap in your retirement savings and the steps needed to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle.

Tailored Retirement Strategies

Personalized investment strategies that align with your retirement goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation. From securing steady income streams to growth-oriented investments, we craft a plan that suits you.

Tax Planning for NRIs

Expert advice on tax-efficient saving and investment strategies that are compliant with both Indian and international tax laws. Maximize your returns while minimizing tax liabilities.

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Strategic planning to ensure your wealth is distributed according to your wishes, including setting up trusts and wills that consider cross-border estate laws.

Our Unique Approach

Customized Planning

Tailored strategies that reflect your personal goals and circumstances.

Global Perspective

Expertise in international finance to maximize your retirement savings.


Holistic Approach

Comprehensive planning that covers all aspects of your financial life.

Transparent Advice

Clear, unbiased guidance focused solely on your best interests.

Advanced Tools

Use of cutting-edge technology for planning and forecasting.

Continuous Support

Ongoing advice and adjustments as your life and goals evolve.


Financial Stability

Achieve peace of mind knowing your retirement is financially secure. Our strategies are designed to grow and protect your retirement corpus against inflation and market volatility.

Personalized Service

Benefit from a retirement plan that is as unique as you are. Our personalized service ensures that your retirement goals are met with customized strategies.

Expert Guidance

Navigate the complexities of retirement planning with expert advice. Our team's in-depth knowledge ensures your retirement plan is robust and comprehensive.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy a stress-free retirement with our comprehensive planning services. Know that your future is secure, allowing you to focus on enjoying your retirement years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NRI retirement planning important?

NRI retirement planning is crucial for ensuring that you can maintain your desired lifestyle in retirement, no matter where you choose to live. Our strategies are designed to maximize your savings and ensure financial stability.

How can I start planning for retirement as an NRI?

Begin with assessing your current financial situation and retirement goals. Our retirement readiness assessments can help identify gaps in your savings and recommend steps to achieve your secure future.

What investment options are best for NRI retirement planning?

The best investment options depend on your risk tolerance, financial goals, and retirement timeline. We offer tailored investment strategies that include a mix of equity, fixed income, and real estate investments suited for NRIs.

How does tax planning fit into NRI retirement planning?

Effective tax planning is a key component of retirement planning for NRIs, ensuring that your investments are tax-efficient and comply with laws in India and your country of residence.

Can I plan for estate and wealth transfer as an NRI?

Yes, our estate and wealth transfer planning services ensure that your wealth is managed and distributed according to your wishes, considering cross-border estate laws.

How often should I review my retirement plan?

Regular reviews are essential to adapt to changes in your life circumstances, financial goals, and the regulatory environment. We recommend an annual review or more frequently if significant changes occur.

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