Investment Advisory For Small Cap Stocks - Spark Next 350

Faster growth from small-cap and quality companies.

Achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in a mix of small-cap companies that meet the Roots & Wings investment criteria. The portfolio has performed well beating benchmarks since launch in June 2021 (as equity advisory). Average market cap this portfolio is around 5000 crores making it not-so-small.


Why Spark Next 350 Investing?


Small-cap stocks have a high growth potential. With Jama Wealth Spark Investment Advisory, capitalise on opportunities as India rises in the world.

Expert Management

Our seasoned professionals research into the nuances of small-cap equities tapping their decades of experience of working ‘inside’ the industry.

Diversification Key

We curate the  portfolios across sectors spreading risk and maximising returns. Focus is on manufacturing, technology and other rising industries.


With Spark Investment Advisory, experience a balanced approach that safeguards against market volatility. Stocks that dont meet quality criteria are exited.


We recommend an allocation of  15% to 50% of long term portfolio to this asset class. This of course depends on your risk profile covering both risk appetite and risk tolerance.

Proven philosphy

We adhere to “Roots & Wings” . Roots = Strong balance sheets, consistent ROE/ROCE, aligned promoters. Wings = Growing Financial trajectory.

Our Offerings in Spark Next 350 Investing

Study The 'Next' 650 Companies

We study the 'smaller' 650 of top 1000 businesses These are already scaled companies with an average market cap of ₹4000 to ₹5000 crores ($500m). Many research houses do not cover them.

Portfolio Customisation

Every investor is unique. We are able to tailor portfolios that reflect investor constraints, risk appetite and financial aspirations. This is helpful for CEOs, CXOs or industry leaders with existing large sectoral exposures

'Full Service' With Rebalancing

The dynamic nature of the stock market necessitates regular portfolio adjustments. We keep portfolios aligned (including transaction management) with the market developments and company performances as reflected in their quarterly results.

Risk Mitigation

With proactive strategies, we ensure client investments are resilient against market uncertainties. Stocks that do not meet the stringent quality criteria are placed on 'watch' or are exited. Our Fund Manager is available for allaying any concerns.

Unique Features of Our Spark Next 350 Advisory

Long Term Focus

Focus on long-term capital appreciation through investments in small-cap companies with strong fundamentals and high growth potential.

Investment Philosophy

Adherence to the Roots & Wings philosophy, targeting companies with low debt and consistent ROE/ROCE.


Process Adherence

We stick to a proven investment philosophy and processes that ensure decisions are consistent and free of emotional bias.

Trustworthy Guidance

Attention to early risk indicators and periodic review for portfolio churn decisions.

Selection of Universe

The next 650 universe is not covered by many institutions. This gives us opportunity to select stocks with untapped potential.

Bias-Free Analysis

We depend on our proprietary data analytics, keeping third-party influences at bay.


Key Benefits of Investing in Spark Next 350 Stocks

Potential Upsurge

Small-cap stocks can offer significant growth. We help you tap into this potential.

Robust Strategy

Our strategic approach to small-cap equities maximises returns and minimises risks.


Our focus on wealth creation aligns with your success, avoiding harmful products.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leveraging our proprietary platform, we rate stocks and mutual funds without bias.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spark Next 350 select small-cap stocks?

Our deep expertise, combined with proprietary data analytics, guides our selection. Each pick aligns with our commitment to growth and safety.

Is investing in small-cap stocks risky?

While they can be volatile, our diversified and risk-controlled approach ensures a balanced portfolio to navigate market challenges.

How often is the portfolio rebalanced?

Regular rebalancing is key. We adjust portfolios in line with market dynamics and your financial goals. This happens atleast once quarterly.

Are my investments secure with Spark Next 350?

Absolutely. As a SEBI Registered PMS, we do not hold your stocks or funds. These are under the custodial services of a large and reputed bank.

How does Spark Next 350 ensure diversified portfolios?

Our expert management curates a mix of promising stocks, ensuring diversification to spread across sectors, sub-market-cap-classes and manage risk.

What makes Spark Next 350 different from other portfolio services?

Our holistic approach, from financial planning to execution, combined with our unique features and client-centric value system, sets us apart.

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