NRI Insurance Solutions Guide

Secure Your Future with Tailored NRI Plans.

Discover comprehensive NRI insurance solutions tailored for life and health coverage in India. Our expert advisors offer personalized plans to safeguard your and your family’s future, ensuring peace of mind across continents. Explore our bespoke insurance services designed for Non-Resident Indians seeking robust health and life coverage.


Why Choose NRI Insurance Solutions

Global Coverage, Local Care

Worldwide health and life coverage with a focus on the needs of NRIs in India. Experience peace of mind, knowing your family is protected

Tailored to NRI's

Insurance plans specifically designed for the NRI community, offering the flexibility and coverage you need

Comprehensive Protection

Wide-ranging options from health to life insurance, ensuring all your coverage needs are met

Trusted Advisors

Our team of experts understand the NRI lifestyle and can guide you to the perfect plan

Hassle-Free Process

We streamline the insurance buying process, making it easy for NRIs to secure coverage

Continuous Support

Dedicated customer service to assist NRIs with claims and adjustments, wherever you are

Services Offered

NRI Life Insurance Plans

Designed to offer financial security to your loved ones in your absence. Our life insurance solutions provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring your family’s future is secure, no matter where you are in the world.

NRI Health Insurance Coverage

Ensure you and your family have access to the best healthcare without financial burden. Our health plans offer extensive coverage, including medical treatments in India and abroad, tailored specifically for NRIs.

Tailored Insurance Consulting for NRIs

Our insurance experts provide personalized consulting to match you with the best coverage plans according to your lifestyle and needs.

Estate Planning and Insurance

Secure your legacy and ensure smooth transfer of your assets. Our estate planning services are integrated with your insurance plans for comprehensive coverage.

Our Unique Approach

Personalized Solutions

We tailor insurance solutions specifically for the NRI community, understanding your unique needs and offering coverage that matters most to you.

Global and Local Expertise

Our team has global insurance knowledge combined with local expertise, ensuring you get the best advice and coverage.


Seamless Integration

Our insurance plans seamlessly integrate with your overall financial planning, ensuring all aspects of your financial health are covered.

Dedicated Support

From selecting the right plan to filing claims, our dedicated support team is here for you at every step.

Flexibility and Choice

Offering a wide range of insurance products, we provide the flexibility to choose what’s best for you and your family.

Peace of Mind

With our insurance solutions, gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re well-protected, no matter where you reside.


Financial Security for Your Family

Ensure your loved ones are financially secure in your absence with our life insurance plans.

Healthcare Without Boundaries

Access the best healthcare globally without the worry of expenses with our health insurance coverage.

Customized Coverage

Get coverage that fits your life, with plans tailored to NRI needs and lifestyle.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our team’s expertise in finding the perfect insurance solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right insurance plan as an NRI?

Choosing the right plan depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Our experts can help guide you through the options to find the best fit for you and your family. Our personalized approach ensures that you have the coverage you need, tailored to your unique situation.

Can I avail of health insurance for treatments both in India and abroad?

Yes, our NRI health insurance plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage, including medical treatments in India and abroad, ensuring you have access to the best healthcare, no matter where you are.

What makes your NRI insurance solutions stand out?

Our insurance solutions are tailored specifically for NRIs, combining global expertise with local insights to offer you the most relevant and comprehensive coverage. Plus, our dedicated support ensures a seamless experience from consultation to claim settlement.

Is estate planning integrated with your insurance services?

Yes, we offer estate planning services that can be integrated with your insurance plans, ensuring a holistic approach to your financial wellbeing and legacy planning.

How can I ensure my family is financially secure in my absence?

Our NRI life insurance plans are designed to provide financial security to your loved ones in your absence, ensuring peace of mind for you and financial stability for them.

What support do you offer for claims processing?

We provide dedicated customer service to assist NRIs with claims processing and any adjustments needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your family.

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