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Evolution of our Vision & Mission | Jama Wealth

In 2016, Ram Kalyan Medury (founder and CEO of Jamā) and Manoj Trivedi (research and advisory head of Jama Wealth) came together with the goal of enriching people’s lives and helping them become financially worry-free to live peaceful life.

Being seasoned in the financial markets, they decided to build “the most reliable and customer-friendly wealth advisory platform – Jama Wealth” powered by smart technologies. The decision to simplify wealth advisory and make it transparent using technology stemmed out of a zeal to create value to Customers that could not be found from other players in the market.

From their own personal experience and that of friends, they understood that many people wanting to grow their wealth had concerns of platforms “holding” their assets, and restrictions on the liquidity of their own funds. Many investors were keen on investing in physical assets with low yield, as firms could not give them a satisfactory return of their hard-earned money.

In this process, the whys, whats and hows of Jamā got defined. It was clear that many advisories and management firms were not being customer-obsessed enough to cast away hidden fees, fancy offices and vested interests. While they got richer, their clients did not; while they drove pricey German cars, their clients did not.

This gave rise to our vision statement, or the “Why”:

To be India’s most trusted and client-centric wealth advisory, helping people achieve financial independence &  financial well being, grow & preserve wealth.

Once our vision became clearer, we wanted to help Customers in their financial well-being and financial independence; with an end-to-end process, clean and transparent. This meant no pushing “other” products (such as loans and opaque insurance policies) that do not generate wealth for the clients, no brokerage led growth etc.

No constraints on clients with lock ins, exit loads and hidden fees. In fact no custody of client cash, stocks, units and holdings. We strategise, advise and provide clean technology to facilitate the investments. This clarified the “What”.

Our next step was to see how to deliver this vision to make an impact on peoples lives. Having come up with the no indirect fee principle, we had to put in place a sustainable financial model. This is a transparent fee based model to support our business, making the research purely unbiased and client-centric.

Leveraging our deep knowledge in financial markets and technology, Jama Wealth deployed some of the smartest tools and machine learning algorithms available to build a scalable and reliable investment advisory to provide customers across the globe a solution to maximize their returns of their hard-earned money.

This sums up our mission as:

We enable better investing, advised by industry experts & unbiased research powered by machine learning algorithms, operating on a transparent & fee-based model free of hidden costs.

Needless to say, this has brought the team together and we are wholly dedicated on executing our mission to accomplish the vision.

…and that’s how Jama’s vision and mission evolved… Ta da!!

Happy Investing,

Jamā Wealth Team