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Building Your Wealth Across Borders with Ease.

Discover comprehensive NRI financial services tailored to your unique needs as a Non-Resident Indian. From equity portfolio management to retirement planning, our expert advisors ensure your investments in India are both profitable and hassle-free.


How Our NRI Investment Service Benefits You

Global Expertise, Local Insights

Our team combines global financial strategies with local market insights to maximize your returns

Customized Solutions

Tailored investment plans that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance

Tax Efficiency

Navigate India’s tax landscape with investment strategies designed to minimise liability and maximise gains

Holistic Approach

From real estate to mutual funds, diversify across asset classes with our comprehensive services

Transparent Processes

Experience clarity at every step, with no hidden fees and complete access to your investment performance

Dedicated Support

Our relationship managers provide personalized guidance, ensuring your investment journey is smooth

NRI Investment Services Offered

NRI Equity Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Tailored equity portfolios focusing on Indian stocks to enhance your wealth, managed by seasoned portfolio managers.

NRI Mutual Fund Advisory

Custom advisory services for selecting the right mutual funds, aligned with your financial goals and market conditions.

NRI Retirement Planning Services

Comprehensive services to build a retirement corpus in India, ensuring a financially secure retirement phase.

NRI Fixed Deposits and Bonds

Attractive fixed deposits and bonds options, offering high-interest rates with repatriation flexibility.

NRI Insurance Solutions

Tailored life and health insurance solutions for NRIs, safeguarding you and your family's future.

NRI Wealth Management Services

From financial planning to inheritance planning, our wealth management solutions are aimed at enriching your financial legacy.

NRI Investment in Indian Start-ups and Venture Capital

Venture into India's dynamic start-up ecosystem with potential for lucrative returns.

NRI Portfolio Diversification Services

Diversify your investment portfolio across various asset classes, including real estate and equities, for balanced growth.

How Our Unique Approach Can Help NRIs


Certified Excellence

ISO 9001 certified processes ensure top-notch service.

Transparent Ethics

SEBI registered advisory ensuring trust and transparency.

Goal Mapping

Creating Long-term Wealth with Stress-free Investing

Tax Optimised Investments

We recommend investments that are optimal for your compliance needs.


Exclusive Benefits of NRI Diversification Services

Expert Market Navigation

Rely on our seasoned advisors to navigate the Indian market landscape for optimal investment choices

Seamless Transaction Experience

Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free process from investment to repatriation with our streamlined operations

Proactive Risk Management

Our strategies minimize risks and protect your investments against market volatility

Comprehensive Service Suite

From planning to portfolio management, access all the financial services you need under one roof

Frequently Asked Questions

What investment options are available for NRIs?

 NRIs can invest in a variety of options including equity portfolios, mutual funds, real estate, fixed deposits, and more. Our comprehensive approach ensures personalized investment strategies that align with your financial goals

How do you ensure tax efficiency for NRIs?

Our experts offer tailored tax planning and compliance services, ensuring your investments are optimized for tax efficiency. We navigate India’s tax laws to maximize your returns while ensuring full compliance.

What retirement planning services do you offer NRIs?

We offer comprehensive retirement planning services, including building a retirement corpus through investments and planning for a financially secure retirement. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and worry-free retirement

Are there insurance solutions tailored for NRIs?

Yes, we offer customized life and health insurance solutions for NRIs, ensuring you and your family are adequately protected. Our insurance plans are designed to offer peace of mind and financial security

How can NRIs manage their wealth effectively?

Our NRI wealth management services provide holistic solutions including portfolio management, financial planning, and inheritance planning. We focus on wealth preservation and growth, ensuring your financial wellbeing

What makes your NRI investment services unique?

Our unique approach combines deep market expertise with personalized service, leveraging data science and risk mitigation strategies to build and protect your wealth. Our commitment is to your success and financial security

Do you offer investment opportunities in Indian startups?

Yes, we provide opportunities to invest in high-potential Indian startups and venture capital, opening doors to innovative investments with potential for high returns. We carefully select opportunities to align with your investment portfolio

How do you assist NRIs with portfolio diversification?

We offer portfolio diversification services to optimize your investments across various asset classes, mitigating risk and maximizing returns. Our strategies include real estate, equities, and more, tailored to your financial goals

What support do NRIs receive for tax and compliance?

Our team provides expert advice on tax-efficient investment strategies and assists with all aspects of tax compliance and filing in India. We ensure your investments are not only profitable but also fully compliant with Indian regulations

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