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Jamā Wealth Ranks among the Top 10 Financial Planning Advisors in India

Financial Planning and Wealth Management: Choosing the Right Advisor in India

Managing personal finances is a critical aspect of achieving financial stability and reaching long-term financial goals. In India, there are numerous investment planning advisors and wealth management services available to help individuals manage their finances and reach their objectives. One of the top financial planning advisors in India is Jamā Wealth.

Jamā Wealth is a leading provider of investment planning and wealth management services, offering personalized financial planning and investment advice. They are committed to providing a range of services, including investment advice, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, and equity advisory services. As a SEBI-registered investment advisor, Jamā Wealth is dedicated to providing professional and personalized financial planning services to its clients.

When it comes to equity advisory services, Jamā Wealth is one of the top 10 financial planning advisors in India. Equity advisors are financial professionals who specialize in providing investment advice and guidance on equity or stock investments. They help individuals and institutions make informed decisions about buying and selling stocks and managing their equity portfolios.

Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

The equity advisors at Jamā Wealth use a combination of analytical tools and techniques, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market trends, to evaluate stocks. They consider a variety of factors when making recommendations, including a company’s financial performance, growth prospects, and competitive position. In addition to stock recommendations, Jamā Wealth’s equity advisors may also provide advice on portfolio construction, risk management, and asset allocation.

We focus on quality business across sectors. The emphasis is on the business first, and not the sector that is ‘in fashion’. From a capitalization view, a large- and mid-cap focus preserves wealth without compromising on growth.

We grill each stock with an intense review process that periodically checks for all the fundamentals. The model clinically picks early indicators which help exit risky stocks in time. Erring on the side of caution is far preferable to losing hard-earned capital.

Investment Management Philosophy

Jamā Wealth Equity Advisory follows a simple investment philosophy called Roots & Wings. A team of industry experts having 30+ years of experience in advisory & research carefully selects stock portfolios. They are aided by machine learning algorithms and operate with a transparent model without any hidden brokerages or commissions.

The investment philosophy is fully backed up by a system that takes emotion out of the picture, leading to balanced decisions that augur well for the portfolio.


Roots aim to preserve wealth by selecting companies with low debt, consistent ROE/ROCE & promoter integrity.

We prefer to invest in businesses that carry very low debt. This means that their growth is fueled by their customers and through internal accruals.

We like companies that consistently reward their shareholders through high levels of Return on Equity, Return on Capital Employed and Return on Assets. This signals not only an efficient business but also one that is shareholder friendly.

We like promoters who demonstrate both skin-in-the-game and soul-in-the-game. Such promoters retain significant ownership in their business, which prevents the ‘agency problem’.

We like companies that have already run the marathon and have demonstrated stamina. As a corollary, we avoid nano caps, micro caps, and baby caps because the intent is to preserve capital first and not be exposed to risks stemming out of promoter integrity (or lack of it).


Wings aim to increase prosperity by identifying growing companies (sales/profit/cash flows) that are resilient and have pricing and staying power in their markets.

We like companies that have a huge runway of growth ahead of them. Usually, they tend to grow 1.5 to 3 x times that of the GDP Growth.

We prefer companies that possess significant operating cash flows. This also indicates that their growth is real, and not manufactured.

Companies that are dominant in their markets and continue to hold good Market Share are preferred.

How to choose Financial Planners in India

When choosing a financial planner or equity advisor in India, it is crucial to consider their qualifications, experience, and reputation. It is also important to understand their investment philosophy and approach, as well as their fee structure. Some financial planners may charge fees based on a percentage of assets under management, while others may charge flat fees or commissions.

As investors, we found that the wrong products were being pushed with high indirect costs. To make investing safer, it was important to avoid untrustworthy promoters and remove emotion, using technology, from the investing process. This helps preserve wealth by reducing drawdowns when markets are choppy. Prosperity happens when people are confident enough to stay invested in good equities over longer time frames. Our models have been geared for this over the years.

At Jamā Wealth, clients can expect a qualified and experienced financial planning advisor who is committed to helping them achieve their financial goals. Their investment philosophy and approach are customized to meet the specific needs of each client, and their fee structure is transparent and fair. They are dedicated to providing personalized and professional financial planning services to help clients make informed decisions about their finances.


Financial planning and wealth management are critical aspects of managing personal finances and achieving financial stability. By choosing a qualified and experienced financial planner or equity advisor in India, such as Jamā Wealth, individuals can take control of their finances and reach their long-term financial goals.

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