SAPPHIRE PMS - Bespoke Mutual Fund Portfolios

Build Wealth through a curated portfolio of mutual funds across market caps and asset classes.

Achieve growth and stability by tapping into the expertise of a a variety of fund managers, all in one PMS portfolio. Our algorithms scan thousands of mutual fund schemes and calibrate the quality of their stock & bond holdings. With timely rebalancing, this is a recipe for long term wealth creation.


Why Sapphire PMS Management?

PMS Expertise

Harness the strength of Sapphire PMS, a pinnacle of expert mutual fund portfolio management.

Returns Amplified

We craft strategies that focus on maximizing returns with every mutual fund venture.

Sapphire's Edge

Experience the distinct advantages of Sapphire PMS tailored for discerning mutual fund investors.

Transparent Operations

Jama Wealth’s commitment to transparency ensures clarity at every investment juncture.

Investor-Centric Approach

Every decision, every strategy revolves around our esteemed mutual fund investors’ aspirations.

Informed Choices

Dive deep into the mutual fund universe with insights and recommendations backed by thorough research.

Sapphire PMS Management Services

Fund Analysis

Delve into detailed mutual fund insights with our expert-driven Sapphire PMS approach. Each fund is scrutinised for optimal performance.

Portfolio Tailoring

Customised mutual fund portfolios reflect your financial aspirations and risk appetite. Crafted to perfection, always.

Transparent PMS Advisory

With Sapphire, every move is laid bare, ensuring absolute transparency in portfolio management.

Returns Optimisation

The Sapphire PMS edge sharpens the focus on maximising mutual fund returns, ensuring your investments consistently shine.

Sapphire PMS Distinctives

Deep Analysis

Jama Wealth's Sapphire PMS dives deep into mutual fund intricacies for informed decisions.

Integrated Planning

Leverage our seamless mobile and web app integration for effortless portfolio tracking.


Quality Commitment

Adhering to ISO 9001 certified processes, our PMS standards are uncompromised.

SEBI Registered

As a fiduciary registered with SEBI, our pledge is to always serve your best interests.

End-to-End Solution

From advisory brilliance to impeccable execution, our spectrum of services never falls short.

Proprietary Intelligence

Unbiased, research-driven mutual fund insights fueled by our own data analytics platform.


Sapphire PMS Management Benefits

Strategic Brilliance

Let Sapphire's expert mutual fund portfolio management illuminate your investment journey. Your path to wealth is clearer than ever.

Risk Mitigation

Navigate the volatile terrains of mutual funds with Sapphire's risk-mitigating prowess. Safe, sound, and solid.

Clear Transparency

With Jama Wealth and Sapphire PMS, always stay in the know. Every decision, every move – it's all transparent.

Returns Amplified

Experience heightened mutual fund returns, a signature offering of Sapphire PMS. The horizon of growth expands with every investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Sapphire PMS apart?

Sapphire PMS by Jama Wealth is an embodiment of expert mutual fund portfolio management, emphasising maximizing returns with unparalleled transparency.

How does Sapphire manage risks?

Our seasoned advisors employ specialized strategies within Sapphire PMS to ensure optimal returns while mitigating potential risks.

Is the PMS process transparent?

Absolutely! With Sapphire PMS, every step, every decision is laid out for our investors, ensuring absolute clarity.

Are you SEBI compliant?

Yes, Jama Wealth is proud to be registered with SEBI, upholding the highest standards of mutual fund portfolio management with Sapphire PMS.

How does Sapphire enhance returns?

Sapphire PMS’s core strategy revolves around maximising returns, leveraging deep research, and expert insights in the mutual fund domain.

Is there any third-party influence?

No, our mutual fund insights and decisions are powered by our proprietary data analytics, ensuring complete objectivity.

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